The Stimulating Return Of Jason Narducy’s “Sexiest Elbows In Rock”


We’re a little late on this, but is there really a deadline when talking about Jason Narducy and his glorious elbows? To help mark the release of Split Single’s outstanding second LP, Metal Frames (Inside Outside), Narducy has created “The Sexiest Elbows In Rock II – Episode 1,” a sequel to—you guessed it—“The Sexiest Elbows In Rock,” which promoted Fragmented World, his project’s 2014 debut. This second installment features appearances by Todd Barry and (why not?) Cynthia Plaster Caster, who’s moving on from casting “dick and tit,” and the preview for the next episode promises cameos by Jeff Tweedy and Michael Shannon. The highlight is Narducy’s pained expression when a pair of DJs at Chicago’s WXRT present him with an elbow-related gift, but the entire thing is worth your time and attention—as is Metal Frames.

—Matt Hickey

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